Many modern Peugeot/Citroen vehicles suffer from BSI
 (Built-in Systems Interface) failure. Commonly causing the vehicle  to non start, equipment failure or economy mode displayed on  the  dash. Normally the data held within these units becomes  corrupt  causing the ecu to bsi lose synchronisation
 This can be caused by some of the following factors -
 1. Low battery voltage.
 2. Voltage spikes.
 3. Water ingress
 4. Unit failure.
 5. Mileage correction.
 6. Pin code reading.
 BSI repair coverage upto 2023 on both Citroen and Peugeot  vehicles. We also cater for PSA based vehicles like Fiat Scudo  Ducato etc. BSI makes like Valeo, Siemens, Johnsons Control,  Magneti Marelli, Delphi and Continental. Please call for full  vehicle  coverage.
 We can repair/virginise BSI control modules, which enables us to  reprogram  them back to your vehicle. Or if you send us your bsi  units, they will need  programming to your vehicle,  diagnostically.  The security access code is  required for  programming. If the  security card has been lost, we can also  retrieve this data from  either the BSI or engine control  module.
 You can send us your bsi's for repair, payment via bank transfer  only at the moment. 

 We also repair central locking issues commonly found on Peugeot  206 Partner and Citroen C2 C3 Berlingo vehicles. Lock but not  unlock we can fix it with a 100% success rate.

 Units being powered up on the bench and evaluated using the  latest Peugeot/Citroen dealer tools. Continuity checks,  components  tested,  cleaning and function activation
 are also undertaken.
 Full coding and programming available for bsi/ecu/key sets, units  will be matched and coded which will make them plug and play  for  your vehicle on return. No need to have any key coding or  diagnostics carried out when your ecu set has been repaired.

 Late Johnsons Control BSI units have a tendency of going into  boot mode, after or whilst a technician has tried to read the pin  code or carry out mileage correction with an inferior tool. This in  effect shuts down the BSI and most people would think the BSI is  unserviceable and a new unit would need to be  purchased from  the main dealer. We can recover these units and make them  serviceable again, in some cases they may need  reprogramming  and others they are reverted back to full working  condition. We  can provide the same service with PSA-FIAT-IVECO based vehicles  which have the Magneti Marelli BSI units installed.


 We can also fully test your bsi, ECU, keys and remote fobs on the  bench.
 This service allows us to fully test the immobiliser system as it  operates on your vehicle. Most Peugeot and  Citroen vehicles  covered after 2002The tab below is for the full network test. Any  repair work is at an additional cost on top of the test fee.  Please  phone for instructions when ordering this service. Choose this  service from the menu below.

 Peugeot 307 BSI Virginise 155.00
 Peugeot 406 BSI Virginise 155.00
 Citroen C2,C3,C4 BSI Virginise 140.00
 Berlingo-Partner BSI Virginise 140.00
 ECU Pincode Read 75.00
 Xsara Picasso BSI Virginise 155.00
 Peugeot 206,207 BSI Virginise 140.00
 PSA JC BSI Recovery 165.00
 BSI Inspection/test 80.00
 Peugeot Citroen Network test 140.00
 Medium ECU set repair 240.00
 Large ECU set repair 280.00
 PSA-FIAT-IVECO Magneti Marelli BSI recovery 165.00
 PSA-FIAT-IVECO Delphi BSI recovery 165.00
 Peugeot/Citroen Siemens BSI central lock repair 140.00
 PSA Valeo N03 BSI/ECU set repair 255.00
 PSA Delphi EL3,EL4,EL5 BSI/ECU set repair 280.00
 Continental Q0X-XX BSI/ECU set repair 2016+ 255.00
 PSA-FIAT-FORD(Ka) Delphi BSI Unit recovery 200

 You can send in your BSI or ECU set for test/repair.
 All prices above are plus return postage.
 When sending in your bsi/ecu sets for inspection or repair please  include the build number or vin number from the vehicle. Also a  description of the faults or issues and contact details.
 An example of the location of the build number is shown below -

Customer are advised to have their vehicles diagnosed by a professional mechanic or auto-electrician. Returned electronic units carry warranty labels. If these labels are broken, or a third party has opened the unit. The warranty is void for further investigation. We warrant our repairs and try to provide a professional service to all our customers. Files, photos, data and before and after diagnostics test screen shots are catalogued for every unit that come to us for inspection or repair.
There is no refund on faulty or used units.
Please be aware that when sending bsi or ecu units in for repair, that your unit is not the only unit i have to work on at that moment in time. Normally there are several units being worked on and i cannot turn work around to suit customers needs all the time. This work can be very labour intensive and also does not go to plan.

Please be aware of other websites who have copy and pasted our website info into theirs. Basically stealing our work and pretend to offer the same level of service we do. We have been offering our BSI repair service publically since 2009 and work very hard at what we offer. So please don't be fooled as your units will probably be sent to a 3rd party to be repaired. We do all our work in house, no middle men, units are fully tested prior to dispatch.

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